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My New Website!

Hi all!

A friend created this website for me after my last one went under and it looks GREAT!

For those who don't know, I was a varsity football player that was on academic scholarship and I had a very active life.

When I was 15, I was injured in a car crash when my 15-year-old best friend got drunk and drove us to a party in the cemetery. After hanging out and drinking more, we went joy riding, sped around a corner, lost control, and hit a tree. I suffered a traumatic brain injury, among other things, and I was in a three month coma, during which I was declared brain dead.

I woke up from the coma unable to talk much or even stand. I began physical and speech therapy trying to recover and gain a life back.

Throughout my recovery process, I became mad at God and the world, as I felt like God was punishing me, and was planning on killing myself, until I went on my high school's senior retreat. On retreat, I heard many different stories that made me realize that everyone suffers and that God wasn't punishing me, but saved me from my own mistakes!

I came home a made a presentation on PowerPoint (since I can't talk much) and began traveling to schools as a public "speaker," and it became very popular very quickly!

You can see the presentation in "My Story" tab (although the real version has more pictures and videos of me playing football and running on the treadmill, all of which can be seen on the main page) and you can see me using my communication device to answer questions from my wheelchair on the main page!

I am still presenting to a lot of schools and I still love doing it very much! I still get VERY positive feedback and I still LOVE making a difference for both students and adults.

My presentation is used a lot for things like Pre-Prom assemblies and just general assemblies to help warn students against the dangers of drunk driving and destructive decisions, but also helps with things like finding strength to face life's struggles, faith, and many other things!

Don't hesitate to contact me to come to your school, college, or anywhere else to present, and I am also available to travel to present!

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